Julielle comes from Lecce, she started playing when she was 10 years old and hasn’t stopped since then.

Her music is the result of a journey that is divided between electronic music (especially that of people like Flume, Bonobo and Son Lux), the passion for Edith Piaf and the Beatles.

A few months after the release of her first single “Toys”, with the artistic production of GodBlessComputers and master by Andrea Suriani, the shows at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Linecheck festival in Milan and Medimex in Taranto (opening Cigarettes after Sex and Editors), here is her first EP “Across”.

The EP represents the significance of music for the young singer, something that “crosses” mind and body, without beginning or end. Furthermore, you can also read the title as “a cross”,  representing the sacredness of the music, in a secular sense.

The artistic production of the Inude in the song “Aliens and Flowers” is worth mentioning.