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LE SCIMMIE DELLA LUNA go in Japan. The promotional “TERRA! tour 19”, from their last homonimous LP, will land in the Asian continent, in Japan, from the 1st October until the 8th.
Nagoya, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Yasu, Tokyo, will be the cities where they will bring their “spatial” sound: a successful balance between tight rhythms and grooves that extend from mathematics to post-rock, using for funk.

The tour is supported by Puglia Sounds, in collaboration with CoolClub.it.

1/10 – Club upset • Nagoya 名古屋市
2/10 – Music Bar Hokage • Osaka 大阪市
3/10 – Livehouse NARA Neverland • Nara 奈良市
4/10 – Socrates ソクラテス • Kyoto 京都市
5/10 – 滋賀 BARI-HARI• Yasu 野洲市8/10 – Antiknock • Tokyo 東京

 “LE SCIMMIE SULLA LUNA” were born in 2018.
The project arose from the genial mind of Cristiano Metrangolo and Stefano Greco, former Teenage Riot, together with Luca Greco and Jory Stifani. Their first album “Terra!” Was released in autumn 2018 for La Rivolta Records, with the support of Puglia Sounds.
An entirely instrumental album, with a heterogeneous and catchy sound full of experiments and effects, ranging from post rock to math rock, through fast-paced rhythms that create grooves that can be “danced”. “Pugliesi”, from Lecce, but with a decidedly international sound. Blow Up magazine tells about them: “Steve Hackett’s delicate arpeggios to quotes from the indie rock like Arcade Fire, to practically jazz-rock developments”.


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